Property Owners

Islands Escapes (TCI) Ltd. is a full service property management company. We offer a variety of services to ensure that the individual needs of each customer are met efficiently and profitably.We recognize that no two real-estate investors are the same. Therefore each of our individual clients will have very specific needs and require a tailored property management solution. To meet these needs we have divided our services into 3 related, yet very distinct products groups.

Short-Term Villa Rentals

The short-term villa rental service is targeted at the luxury home owner wishing to enjoy the advantages of a well-run holiday home, as well as a lucrative investment. These clients are offered a full suite of marketing, home management, guest relations, book keeping and maintenance services. We market each home online and in foreign travel markets, selling stays ranging from 1 week to, in some cases, 6 months.

Villas are promoted through a variety of platforms, including Island Escapes (TCI) Ltd. website, a global network of accredited travel partners, on subscription based websites and in select print media. This multi-faceted marketing approach ensures that villas are booked to their highest potential and generate the highest revenue possible for the homeowner.

Night at Villa Balinese, Turtle Tail, Providenciales
Balinese Villa

Long-Term/Commercial Rentals

Long-term rentals by definition are rental contracts or leases lasting longer than 6 months. The target market for long-term rental properties are individuals that reside in the TCI and are seeking long-term accommodation or commercial letting. Property management services for long-term rentals include, but are not limited to, finding and screening a tenant, negotiating annual lease contracts, collecting payments on behalf of the owner as well as overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the home or commercial property.

Calms seas and quiet beach define Casa Varnishkes luxury vacation villa
Casa Varnishkes

Property Maintenance

As property managers we are responsible for ensuring that all of the properties we manage are maintained to the highest standards possible. We have a full service, in house maintenance department which ensures that repairs and maintenance are carried out professionally and in a cost-effective manner.